Relaxation calms anxiety and helps your body and mind recover from everyday pressures and stress.

The audio tracks below are from a relaxation CD which was developed by Gateshead and South Tyneside Primary Care Trusts and Sunderland TPCT. The first audio explain the art of relaxation/meditation and talk you through what to expect from the further 6 tracks on this page.

Find somewhere quite to sit, make sure you are comfortable with plenty of time to complete your chosen exercise:

Introduction to Relaxation and Meditation

Track 3 – Loving Kindness Meditation
A female voice will talk you through this ancient spiritual practice which uses repeated phrases and images to evoke feelings of loving kindness.

Track 1 – 2 Minute Relaxation
A female voice will guide you through this quick 2 minute relaxation excerise.

Track 4 – Body Relaxation
A female voice will will help you to concentrate on your body from head to toe, tensing and relaxing your muscles to achieve full body relaxation.

Track 6 – Healing Meditation Journey
A female voice will guide you through this exercise which will concentrate on anything in your life which you would like to heal.


Track 2 – Breathing Meditation
In this excerise a male voice will help you focus on your breath to calm your mind and relax your body.

Track 5 – Walking Meditation
This simple and universal practice for developing calm connectiveness and awareness will be explained by a male voice.

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