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Building on the Connectedness Programme that trained people as Community Connectors to tackle loneliness and isolation across city, we have developed the programme a step further enabling organisations, businesses and services to become a Community Connector Organisation.

You can find out about our full programme and how you can get involved below…

Peer Community Coordinators…

Are people who use a peer support model to link others in their local community with activities and services that can help improve their quality of life. Through local knowledge and awareness this sharing of information can support organisations directly on connecting people with their communities.

Community Connector Organisations… 

Are provided with; support, information and resources by our Peer Community Coordinators. This will support work across the City of Sunderland to increase knowledge and awareness of community services and activities that support the mental health of the people of Sunderland.

We will provide you with 8 steps to becoming a Community Connector Organisation, find out about them below.

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Below are the 8 steps of a Community Connector:

For more information about each step click on the puzzle piece….

Online Forum

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about the online forum...
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Peer Community Coordinators

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Peer Community
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Community Connector
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Ray's Corners

To find out more
about Ray's Corners
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Community Connectors Workshop

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Connectors Workshop
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Networking Opportunities

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about a networking
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Further Training

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Connectors further
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Community Connector's Online Forum

Our Online Forum provides you with a place to remain in touch with other community connectors, share your knowledge with them and ask questions as you have them to reach across the knowledge base available through the programme. Only Community Connectors can add comments to this forum, but please feel free to read through to find out what is available in our area!

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  1. Hi everyone! l would like to introduce myself, my name is Sue and I’m your Peer Community Coordinator. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi guys, let me introduce myself… I’m Lee Milburn, one of the Peer Support Community Connector’s with Washington Mind.
    Over the past couple of months we’ve been out in the community, delivering Ray’s Corner’s and trying to get all of you warm hearted warm space beautiful people to sign up to the Connectedness program & claim their space on this fab website to showcase all the wonderful work you do! So come on guys, over with over 170,000 visitors last year, what better place to showcase everything you do!!
    Have a great weekend all… see you on the other side!!

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