The Road To Recovery

The Road to Recovery

For many people, the concept of recovery is about staying in control of their life despite experiencing a mental health problem.  Read more from Mental Health Foundation here!

The Vocational Pathway is part of the treatment pathways within the psychosis and  non-psychosis teams within NHS Northumberland, Tyne and Wear (NTW).

The aim of the Vocational Pathway is to work with those who would like to return to education or work as part of the recovery. This pathway offers a flexible approach, which will designed around the person to explore and develop an individual’s aspirations around future work and education.

This is often supported by the Occupational Therapists within the team, but is also shared with other team members, such as Support Workers and Peer Support Workers.

A meeting will be arranged with an Occupational Therapist to talk about an individuals journey, where they are now, what strengths they have which may support their future goals.  This would also give the opportunity to talk about possible challenges the individual may face.

From this appointment a range of opportunities can be offered.  This may be working with an Occupational Therapist, a Support Worker or a Peer Support Worker to  build work skills, develop motivation and routine.  This may lead to the individual also going along to take part in other services and activities within the local community, e.g. Sunderland Volunteer Centre, Shaw Trust, Springboard Training,Washington  MindSunderland Art Studio.

Some users of the Vocational Pathway would like to share their personal experiences:

Samantha’s Story
Peter’s Story
Gareth’s Story

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