Stepped Care Model

Stepped Care Model

What is the Mental Health Stepped Care Model?

Stepped Care is a system of delivering and monitoring treatments, so that the most effective yet least resource intensive, treatment is delivered to patients first; only ‘stepping up’ to intensive/specialist services as clinically required.

“Having the right service in the right place, at the right time delivered by the right person.”

Step One: Prevention and Promotion

Support that can be utilised before approaching either health or social  services: friends and family; self-help, spiritual advice; self-help groups; occupational advice; national and local MH organisations; telephone  helplines; advice agencies; welfare rights; housing; employment; leisure services; carer support.

Step Two: Recognition in Primary Care

‘Watchful waiting’…with further assessment; self-help; guided self-help; expert advice; short-term brief intervention; signposting to/mobilising resources of Step One

Step Three: Assessment/ Primary Care Interventions

MH Assessment; short term psychological interventions; physical health checks; medicine review; computerised CBT; social prescribing; caseworker support; signposting to/mobilising resources of Step One

Step Four: Secondary/ Specialist Services

Comprehensive specialist assessment; specialist functional services – crisis/home treatment, early intervention, assertive outreach; formal Mental Health Act.
assessment; specialist medical and psychosocial interventions; care  coordination; risk/relapse plans; crisis accommodation.

Step Five: Specialist

Range of assessment and treatment in-patient services working with high risk, complex patients requiring specialist interventions; high level of care coordination/risk relapse management.