Smoking remains the biggest preventable cause of premature death in the UK today. Around half of all long-term smokers will die as a result of smoking.

Most tobacco users take up smoking as children and regret ever starting. The majority of smokers want to stop, but can find it hard as nicotine is as addictive as the drug heroin.

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Stopping smoking isn’t easy, but it can drastically improve your life. Smoking increases your risk of developing cancer, heart and lung disease which can lead to illness, disability and death. The good news is that stopping now can reduce the likelihood that you will develop these diseases. Your friends and family will benefit when you stop smoking too, as secondhand smoke is also dangerous. You will be amazed at how much money you could save. You can find lots more information on the
NHS smokefree website.

Click here to access information on the effects smoking has on the human body.

What happens to your body when you have smoked your last cigarette? In this short animation watch the changes that take place, such as better breathing, improved circulation and reducing your chance of having cancer or heart attack.

Smoking is sometimes used to cope with the stress of having a mental health problem, to cope with being isolated and bored, to create a feeling of being in control, or to deal with financial difficulties. For people wanting to enjoy the health benefits of giving up, a range of Smoking Cessation Services are available locally, offering specialist support, either one-to-one or in a group, for those who need it. Exercise and healthy eating has also been linked to enhancing your chances of quitting. You can speak to your GP, pharmacist or visit the NHS Choices website for more information.

The top ten health benefits for quitting are as follows:

Better fertility
Better teeth
Better sex
Younger looking skin
Improved breathing
Longer life expectancy
Reduced stress
Improved senses
More energy
Healthier loved ones
Most smokers giving up will experience some temporary withdrawal symptoms – These are a result of the body ridding itself of toxins.

How will smoking affect your appearance?

Megan is 16 and a smoker. A make-up artist transforms her appearance to demonstrate the effects that smoking will have on her body. Will the results make Megan rethink her habit?

This document which has been prepared by The Tackling Illicit Tobacco for Better Health partnership is intended to be a guide for professionals working in local councils.

The answer is plain

The Government is considering making cigarette packs less attractive to children by stripping packs of their glitzy style and branding. Watch the video to see why this is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.

Plain packaging means removing all branding from cigarette packs, so that all packs, from all tobacco brands, will look the same.

The Fresh Programme

From 1999-2010-11, more than 200,000 people quit through NHS Stop Smoking Services in the North East. The Fresh programme is based on an internationally established evidence base for tobacco control as advocated by the World Health Organisation, with the ultimate aim of saving lives through fewer people smoking.

Fresh say “Stopping smoking is probably the biggest step anyone can take to improve their health and long term health prospects. There are immediate and long-term benefits to be gained for the smoker and their family.” Read more here!

Illicit Tabacco logoThe North of England Tackling Illicit Tobacco for Better Health Programme is a world-first. It brings together health and enforcement partners and combines their expertise to reduce the demand for and supply of illegal tobacco.

To report suspicious activity involving smuggled or fake cigarettes call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. For further information go to

Smoking and Pregnancy

Protecting your baby from tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to give your child a healthy start in life. The chemicals in cigarette smoke go into the baby’s bloodstream and can affect growth and development. Smoking when pregnant increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and cot death. It is never too late to stop smoking.

The NHS Pregnancy Smoking helpline is available Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and on weekends 11am to 5pm on 0800 169 9 169.

You may also find this website useful!

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Smoking in South Tyneside

Support Around Smoking in South Tyneside

Smoking is sometimes used to cope with the stress, to cope with being isolated and bored, to create a feeling of being in control, or to deal with financial difficulties.

If you live in South Tyneside and would like to stop smoking click here for information or contact the Customer Contact Centre on 0191 427 7000 or email:

Health in Sunderland

Support Around Smoking in Sunderland

One in two long term smokers will die early – quit and spare your loved ones the pain
•    Survey shows North East smokers massively underestimate the risks
•    New campaign urges smokers “don’t be the 1” 

SMOKERS in Sunderland are massively underestimating the risks as a new campaign reveals one in two  long term smokers will die early – including people in their 40s.

The terrifying but true fact is the message in the new “Don’t be the 1” campaign from Fresh, who are urging the North East’s 460,000 smokers to quit and live longer for their loved ones.

A smoker’s risk of dying early from a tobacco related disease is infinitely more than the chances of being hit by a bus (around 2 in a million) or winning the National Lottery jackpot with six numbers (around 1 in 14 million).

A survey of North East smokers by Fresh found:

  • 9 out of 10 smokers seriously underestimate their risks of dying of a smoking related illness, with some thinking only 1 in 20 smokers will die as a result.
  • More than six out of ten smokers say their family worry about them smoking.
  • Eight out of ten North East smokers wish they had never started
  • 68% would like to see smoking become a thing of the past for future generations

Smokers can click on for support to quit and to order a free Quit Kit online. Anyone worried about a friend or relative smoking can also send an e-card telling them they care and urging them to stop.

Ailsa Rutter, Director of Fresh, said: “It is a shocking message but smoking tobacco is much more harmful than most people think. These are odds nobody would want.

“Quitting might not always be easy – but dying from a smoking related disease is much, much harder. Quitting lowers your risk of dying early at any age, but the sooner you quit, the better.

For help to stop smoking call Live Life Well Sunderland…

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