In the video below, around 8 minutes in Rodney feels the need to explain to Del what the term Acronyms mean.

Del Boy

An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a name or by combining initial letters of a series of words.


  • A
  • AA

    Alcoholics Anonymous

  • ACA

    Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • ACT

    Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • AMHP

    Approved Mental Health Professional

  • C
  • CAB

    Citizens Advice Bureau – Provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice about peoples rights and responsibilities.

  • CAG

    Confidentiality Advisory Group


    Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – Promotes the mental ill health and psychological wellbeing of children and young people.

  • CBT

    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – A therapy which involves working with people to help them change their thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

  • CCBT

    Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy training delivered via a computer. Beating the Blues is the most widely used and evidence based CCBT program for the treatment of depression.

  • CCT

    Community Care Team

  • CHS

    City Hospitals Sunderland – All of the hospital buildings in the City Of Sunderland.

  • CLDT

    Community Learning Disability Team

  • CMHT

    Community Mental Health Team – Help people with mental health illness to live in the community with support.

  • CMHT

    Community Mental Health Team

  • CORE

    The CORE outcome measure is a method used by the clinician and the service user to see if an intervention has been successful. It involves scoring a series of standardised questions.

  • CPA

    Care Programme Approach – A standardized way of planning a person’s care which involves the service user.

  • CQC

    Care Quality Commission – The independent regulator of health and social care in England.

  • CRB

    Criminal Records Bureau – Helps organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors by identifying candidates who may be unsuitable to work with children or other vulnerable members of society.

  • CTO

    Community Treatment Order – Is a doctors order for a person to receive treatment or care and supervision in the community.

  • CVS

    Council for Voluntary Service – They co-ordinate the voluntary services and promote new organizations to fill in the gaps.

  • D
  • DDA

    Disability Discrimination Act – Law that sets out rights for disabled people.

  • DLA

    Disability living allowance is a non-means-tested, non-contributory social security benefit for people who need for personal care or supervision or who have problems with mobility.

  • DOH

    Department of Health – Is responsible for creating and looking at policies within health and social care areas.

  • DRE

    Delivering Race and Equality in Mental Health – A service to tackle discrimination in the NHS.

  • DWP

    Department of Work and Pensions – Looks after the welfare of people in the UK by providing benefits and employment advice.

  • E
  • EIP

    Early Intervention Psychosis Team – A multi skilled team providing early interventions to individuals showing the first signs of mental ill health.

  • EMDR

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - to help people deal with trauma. It involves elements of exposure therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy combined with other techniques.

  • EPP

    Expert Patients Program

  • ESA

    Employment and Support Allowance – A type of benefit claimed by people who cannot work because of an illness or disability.

  • F
  • FOI

    Freedom Of Information – States ways the public can obtain access to government held personal information like health records.

  • G
  • GAD 7

    This patient questionnaire is used as a screening tool and severity measure for generalized anxiety disorder.

    Click here for an example of the form

  • GSCC

    General Social Care Council – Sets standard practices, rules and regulations for social care workers within work and with social work students education and training.

  • H
  • HAD

    Hospital Anxiety and Depression (HAD) Scale is a self screening questionnaire for depression and anxiety.

  • HCH

    Health Care for the Homeless


    Health Care Quality Improvement Program

  • HCR

    Health Care Reform

  • HHAS

    Health, Housing and Adult Services – Provides help and support to vulnerable people in Sunderland so they can enjoy an independent, active and healthy life.

  • HHQI

    Home Health Quality Initiative

  • I
  • IAPT

    Improving Access to Psychological Therapies is an NHS programme rolling out services across England offering interventions approved by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for treating people with depression and anxiety disorders.

  • ICD-10

    International Classification of Disorders – Coding and classification of mental disorders so the correct treatment can be given.

  • IMD

    Index of Multiple Deprivation – It measures deprivation and poverty in society.

  • Independent Complaints Advocacy - ICA

    The Independant Complaints Advocacy (ICA) replaced the previous Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) and continues to be delivered by the Carers Federation Ltd, who have over ten years experience of supporting people in the North East with NHS complaints. Click here for more information and to find out how to access your local ICA.

  • IPT

    Interpersonal therapy (IPT) is a type of treatment for patients with depression which focuses on past and present social roles and interpersonal interactions.

  • L
  • LINk

    Local involvement networks (LINks) allows patients to be involved in decisions about their care and lets communities be involved in their local health service.

  • LIT

    Local Implementation Team – Works to implement new legislation or laws passed from the government.

  • LSP

    Local Strategic Partnership – Make sure public services and agencies work together.

  • LSW

    Licensed Social Worker

  • M
  • MCA

    Mental Capacity Act – Provides statutory framework to empower and protect vulnerable people who are not able to make their own decisions.

  • MFCC

    Marriage, Family and Child Counsellor

  • MHA

    Mental Health Act

  • MHFA

    The MHFA course teaches delegates over two days how to recognize the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, provide help on a first aid basis and effectively signpost towards support services. Also Youth MHFA course for those working and living with young people aged 11 to 18.

    Click here for more information

  • MHNE

    Mental Health North East – Provides support and information for the voluntary sector in the North East

  • MHRT

    Mental Health Review Tribunal – To hear a patients appeal against detention into hospital.

  • Mind

    Local Mind Associations (LMAs) are independent charities affiliated to national Mind (not an acronym); providing a range of mental health services and training. Local branches are Sunderland Mind, Tyneside Mind  and Washington Mind.

  • MPS

    Memory Protection Services - Provide access to information, support and specialist diagnosis, followed by a range of interventions within the context of the National Dementia Strategy.

  • MT-BC

    Music Therapist - Board Certified

  • N
  • NA

    Narcotics Anonymous


    NHS South of Tyne and Wear covers Gateshead Primary Care Trust (PCT), South Tyneside Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust (TPCT) and is the name given to the integrated management arrangements which exist across the three PCTs.

  • NICE

    National Institute for Clinical Excellence – Does research and evaluations about treatments available also publishes guidance and advice about these treatments.

  • NIMH

    National Institute for Mental Health – To transform the understanding and treatment of mental illness through research to enable better practices for prevention, recovery and cure.

  • NPSA

    National Patient Safety Agency – Helps to improve patient care by informing, supporting and influencing the health departments.

  • O
  • OCU

    Occupational Health Unit – Promotion and maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing.

  • OPMH

    Older Peoples Mental Health – Older peoples mental health services.

  • OSC’S

    Office of Surveillance Commissioner – Statutory guidance which enables public authorities, within the law, to carry out operations which do not breach human rights.

  • P
  • PALS

    Patient Advise Liaison Service – Helps service users and carers to resolve problems and concerns with care and treatment within the NHS.

  • PCC

    Primary Care Centres – walk in

  • PCO

    Primary Care Organisation

  • PCT

    Primary Care Trust – Free standing agency that provides primary and community services (NHS).

  • PCT and Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust (TPCT)

    The name given to the integrated management arrangements which exist across the three PCTs.

  • PICU

    A Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit is a locked ward in a hospital where some people detained under the Mental Health Act may stay. Patients are placed in PICU because they are assessed as being a risk to themselves or others in on an open acute inpatient ward.

  • PPP

    Practice, Patience and Persistence – The three P’s of success within CBT.

  • PWP

    Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

  • R
  • RCPsych

    Royal College of Psychiatrists – Professional and educational body for psychiatrists in the UK.

  • S
  • SCT

    Supervised Community Treatment – An option for patients following a period of detention in hospital.

  • SHA

    Strategic Health Authority – An area within the structure of the NHS.

  • SOTW

    NHS South of Tyne and Wear (SOTW) covers Gateshead Primary Care Trust (PCT), South Tyneside

  • SUI

    Serious Untoward Incidents – Serious incidents that need to be addressed, monitored and recorded.

  • SWC

    Sunderland Women’s Centre – provides learning opportunities for adults in community settings.

  • T
  • TPCT

    Teaching Primary Care Trust – Primary care trust offering teaching opportunities to students.

  • TWR

    Two-Week Referral

  • V
  • VCS

    Voluntary and Community Sector – Has a role in delivering local services.

  • W
  • W&SAS

    Work and Social Adjustment Scale - This form assess whether the problems people are experiencing are affecting their ability to do certain day-to-day tasks in their lives.

  • WRAP

    A Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a simple self-help system for identifying personal resources and then using those resources to stay well and help you when you are not.