A LIFE Worth Living is a community focused training programme which aims to train people who are best placed in the heart of communities to offer support and information to people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

To support local people to identify ‘a life worth living’ and equip local workers and volunteers with the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to offer support and information to a potentially suicidal person and provide them with the knowledge to signpost to local services and access the relevant pathway of support; to reduce suicides.

This suicide prevention training places an emphasis upon how attitudes to suicide across societies can hinder suicide prevention and how by taking moral judgements out of the equation we can have open and honest conversations with a person who is contemplating taking their life as a realistic option to ending their pain. “To be suicidal means to be in pain… to have ones inner and outer resources for coping with pain to be at the brink of exhaustion… Suicide is not chosen… it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain”. David L Conroy in his book, ‘Out of the Nightmare.

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Contact information

Main Contact:

Kathy McKenna



Course duration

4 hours

Who is the training aimed at

Front line staff and volunteers

Training method

Group training

Cost of training

FREE although there is a £50 non attendance fee

Is the training accredited


Does the training provide credits for continued professional development


Which other courses does the organisation run

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