Washington Mind has further developed our 1 in 4 Mental Health Awareness Training. Exploring mental health, anxiety, depression and psychosis. For more training from Washington Mind, please click here to download our leaflet.

Contact information

Main Contact:

Kathy McKenna



Who is the training aimed at

Front line staff and volunteers

Training outcomes

To increase knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and the effect upon the person. To provide appropriate support to a person experiencing a mental health issue. To promote hope and recovery. To reduce stigma and discrimination.

Training method

Group training

Cost of training

Contact Washington Mind for details

Is the training accredited


Does the training provide credits for continued professional development


Which other courses does the organisation run

Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Awaress Tools, A LIFE Worth Living Suicide Prevetion, Emotional Resilience, Health Money Healthy You, A Stitch in time, Depression and Low Mood Awareness, Living with Depression, Liveing With Anxiety, Living With Low Self Worth, Living With the effects on Relationships, Understanding My Mental Health, Understanding Self Harm. Please visit our website for more