What is Random Acts of Kindness?

This week (Sunday 11th – Saturday 17th February 2018) is Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018 which is an awareness week being coordinated by Random Acts of Kindness. The week aims to raise awareness of doing good things for other people, and how this can not only have benefits to other people but also yourself.

Why take part?

Through the 5 Ways to Wellbeing it has been proven that by doing something nice for a friend, family member or a stranger can actually help to improve your own health and wellbeing. Want to know more about how helping others can help you? Click here to download the Kindness Health Factsheet! So whether this week you volunteer your time, help out someone in need or thank someone, the smallest action can make a difference and not only will you be helping to improve someone else’s wellbeing but you might also see improvements to your own.

What can I do?

Random Acts of Kindness have developed lots of useful ideas which you can use during the week so that you can do things that you feel comfortable with and will help you to improve your own health and wellbeing while helping others. Ideas include what you can do:

  • Online
  • To help protect the environment
  • At work
  • In school
  • In your Community
  • For strangers
  • With your family

Whatever you do to get involved with the week you can post about it online to let everyone know how you are helping others by posting with: #rakweek2018 and #capturekindness

Want to do more than one week?

A Random Acts of Kindness calendar has been developed so if you feel like you want to try to do good things for other people more and incorporate new activities into your daily life then why not check it out? You don’t have to complete something everyday but you may feel the benefits of completing a random act of kindness a few days a week. Click here to download the calendar!