Who are Washington Support Group for Men?

Washington Support Group for Men are a support group for men who meet once weekly at Washington Millennium Centre. The group was created by men for men who may be long term unemployed, disabled, currently experiencing health issues or are lacking confidence. The group aims to support members to meet new people and help them to feel better about themselves by chatting with others and taking part in activities, courses and trips. They are also currently working in partnership with WEA to provide adult learning within reach.

This year Washington Support Group for Men has been running for 9 years and to commemorate this, as well as show new members what is available through the group, they have made a new video, you can now watch the video below or visit their Facebook page for more information.

When does the group meet and how do new members join?

The group has been running for 9 years in Washington and they now meet at Washington Millennium Centre on a weekly basis between 1-3pm for a coffee and laugh in a very friendly environment, where all members support each other.

For more information the group can be contacted on: wsgfmen@gmail.com or on: 07784283609.

9 Years and Counting !! A short flim made by group members to promote the group on a course from the WEA.Enjoy All are welcome

Posted by Washington Wsgfmen on Monday, 24 September 2018