The C4L Health and Wellbeing Champion Network is a multiagency initiative which includes representation from Statutory and Community Services including South Tyneside Council, and the Voluntary Sector, and aims to provide a forum for sharing and developing ideas in order to contribute to the improvement of health and wellbeing in South Tyneside.

C4L Health and Wellbeing Champions are people who can really make a difference to the health of their friends, family, and neighbours and inspire them to take steps to look after their health. Champions can work at different levels they can be front line staff who through their work can support others in making health and wellbeing choices or they are leaders who can make a difference to the culture and operation of organisations.

Every Contact a Health Improvement Contact (ECHIC) puts the prevention, protection and promotion of wellbeing and health at the heart of every contact. The aim is to use each contact with a person to offer appropriate advice, support and/or referral to optimise wellbeing. In order to make this happen we need leaders from within organisations and communities to champion health and wellbeing in every aspect of their roles.


1. To establish a community of persons and partners interested in health and wellbeing.

2. To share expertise and develop ideas on how to promote health and wellbeing locally;

3. To encourage and support citizens in improving their own and other persons health and wellbeing;

4. To be actively involved in local regional and national public health promotions and campaigns.

5. To promote Change4Life health messages across South Tyneside.

6. To complete and promote the free C4L training including Every Contact a Health Improvement Contact, Smoking Cessation, Alcohol and Substance Misuse, Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Healthy Weight and Better U workshops.

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