What is the kindness calendar?

Action for Happiness are an organisation who every month create calendars which enable people to take part in one action every day to help spread kindness. They have recently released their ‘Do Good December’ calendar ready for the festive season which offers a great alternative to the usual advent calendars.

Why should I take part?

The Five Ways to Wellbeing shows us that by working small actions into our every day lives that we can improve our own wellbeing. Two of the Five Ways to Wellbeing are ‘connect’ and ‘give’, both of which you would be doing by taking part in the Do Good December calendar for kindness. So whether you are supporting a local charity or cause on day 2, leaving a positive message for someone to find on day 5 or calling a relative who is far away for a chat on day 27, you are connecting and giving to those around you and not only helping them but also yourself.

The festive season is a characteristically tough month but you can help to combat this for not only yourself but those around you by connecting and giving to your friends, family and community. This alternative to an advent calendar avoids any waste of plastic or sugary rewards of a typical advent calendar and instead will enable us to spread kindness and improve our wellbeing.

How can I find out more and take part?

You can download the Do Good December kindness calendar from the Action for Happiness website, here, and you will be able to print the calendar too if you want. On the Action for Happiness website you can also sign up to receive new calendars every month so that you can continue to work these small actions into your everyday life and spread kindness everyday.