Local Support Services now returning to usual working hours after New Year

Over the Christmas/New Year period many local support organisations are open at different hours than usual or are not open at all. This week is the first week when services should all be returning to business as usual after the New Year.

So if over the festive period you have noticed your mental health and/or wellbeing has started to deteriorate and you think you would benefit from some support from a local organisation then why not visit our directory? You can search for services which offer support around what you need and location, there’s even a handy map so you can easily see where organisations are based.

A lot of services take self-referrals meaning you can just call yourself, pass over your details and start accessing services, however some do need a GP referral meaning your GP will need to pass your details over to the organisation before you can access support. All organisations should have this information on their profile but if you have any question just call them or email them for more information.

Local Support Services can help you get out and about more

It’s easy to feel as though you are stuck in a rut if you aren’t leaving the house very often and this can eventually affect your mental wellbeing and can lead to becoming socially isolated. A good way to combat this feeling is to start getting out and about more often, so why not make this your new year’s resolution – ‘Try to get out of the house more and join new groups’. You can actually use our Things to Do section to find out what is going on in your area so it’s easy for you to find out about all of the organisations in the local area offer groups or activities which you can attend, from walking to crafts, drop-ins to pilates.

Going to one group can be a great way to get out of a rut, combat social isolation and improve your mental wellbeing and can lead to more things in the future for you to take part in; more groups, courses, volunteering and training opportunities. By searching for activities, groups or courses in your area through our Things to Do you can search by dates you want to attend and where so you can find the best group for you. Lots of organisations will actually be able to support you to come along to your first session if you are feeling nervous, but if you’re not sure just contact the organiser and find out more information.