What is ‘Ask Me’?

Ask Me‘ is one element of a national domestic abuse pilot that Sunderland is involved in as a city. Many survivors of domestic abuse are not engaged formally with services at all, and their opportunities to disclose abuse are limited to the community around them. Often, the first person that a survivor speaks to is a friend, family member or neighbour. But lack of understanding and fear can prevent people from responding in a helpful and appropriate way.

The ask me scheme will break the silence about domestic abuse within a community, and remove the barriers that make it hard for survivors to tell others about their experiences. The scheme offers a free two-day training course to inspire community members to become an ‘ask me ambassador’. The ambassadors will share the learning with their friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and challenging myths, stereotypes and victim-blaming attitudes in their community. They will learn how to respond to a disclosure and about the expert services they can signpost people to for help.

Why should I take part?

Some ask me ambassadors may go onto to create an ask me site, creating a space in the community such as a community centre, high street shop or café where survivors can access advice and information from.

There are two reasons for signing up for ask me:

• you might be an individual who has great reach into your local community; or
• you might be part of a business, signing up on behalf of your site.

When is the training taking place?

There are a few different dates when this two-day training will be taking place, for more details, please click here to download a flyer containing more information on locations and dates.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you need more information on ‘Ask Me’  you can contact Jane Hill on:  j.hill@womensaid.org.uk or 07769322160.