If you live in Washington you can get a free visit from Northumbrian Water!

You can sign up for a free water, money and energy saving visit from Northumbrian Water worth up £130 and here are 9 reasons why you should get involved:

  • You can reduce your water bills by £36 per year.
  • Your home will save on average 44 litres per day.
  • You will receive a whole range of water saving products for free where suitable in your home, including aerated showerheads, tap inserts, single flush conversion devices and water butts.
  • Our qualified technicians will check and fix leaking taps and toilets (where possible).
  • You will receive bespoke advice on how to further reduce your household utility bills.
  • You can reduce energy bills by reducing your hot water usage. Did you know that around 21% of your energy bill goes towards heating water used for showering, bathing or running hot taps?
  • We can fit the visit around your busy schedule.
  • Help to protect and maintain the outstanding natural environment at Derwent Reservoir, the source of Washington’s water. 9. 99.1% of customers said they were happy with the overall level of service received and 100% of customers said the plumber was helpful and courteous.

What is the issue?

Northumbrian Water supplies over one billion litres of water every day to their customers to meet needs ranging from enjoying a glass of water or cup of tea to running an industrial process, but over the last 10 years they’ve seen an increase in the number of intense summer storms that can cause flooding and pollution to river environments in the North East.

Northumbrian Water is passionate about providing their customers with clean, safe drinking water, dealing with sewage and heavy rainfall while protecting the environment for future generations.

Why Washington?

Northumbrian Water have chosen to deliver Every Drop Counts in Washington because they know that your community is passionate about living sustainably through saving energy, recycling and growing, and they want to help you. Reducing the risk of flooding and protecting the environment are some of their biggest challenges.

Each of us manage to get through a staggering 4,300 litres of water a month which is the equivalent to 53 baths of water. If everyone in Washington takes part we can save a swimming pool of water every day.

How can you make a difference?

Did you know the water you drink is sourced from Derwent Reservoir and then cleaned at Mosswood Water Treatment Works? Using less water helps to maintain some of the outstanding natural environment at these wildlife rich sites and provides a great place for  important species to breed.

How can you get involved?

Northumbrian Water are inviting you to sign up for a FREE home visit worth over £130. This leaflet details what’s on offer and how you can book your personalised visit. Join your community today by signing up for a free water saving visit to reduce your impact on the environment and save money. Call now on 0800 953 0130 to sign up, alternatively email Northumbrian Water with your telephone number and address at watersaving@nwl.co.uk.