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  • A guide to claiming benefits for people over pension age

    If you are aged 60 or over, you could be entitled to benefits that you haven’t been able to claim before. These can help keep your independence and improve your standard of living helping you with housing costs, care needs and general expenses. Click here to read the More Money in Your Pocket publication.

  • A guide to the benefits of biking

    Cycling has many advantages. It is healthy, accessible, fun, cheap, environmentally friendly and efficient from an energetic standpoint. If you need more reasons, read this Guide To The Benefits Of Biking to find out why you should ride a bike instead of driving a car.

  • A Practical Guide For Working With Military Veterans - North East

    An invaluable resource for anyone whose work brings them into contact with veterans and the veteran community click here!

  • Age Uk

    Their Information guides are short and easy to digest, giving a comprehensive overview of the relevant topic. Information sheets and factsheets are longer with more detail, and are aimed at professionals.

    Click here for a full list of our Information sheets, Information guides, and Factsheets from Age UK.

  • Aha (Alcohol Health Alliance)

    The  AHA (Alcohol Health Alliance) brings together more than 40 organisations that have a shared interest in reducing the damage caused to health by alcohol misuse.

    They have a range of free useful resources!

    Click here

  • Alzheimers Society

    Alzheimer's Society produces a range of publications and resources, from guides to implementing good practice and planning quality care services to practical ideas for improving the lives of people with dementia. You can now order these resources online.

    They also produce a number of shorter brochures and leaflets which can be downloaded free of charge, a research journal and a range of factsheets on dementia-related topics.

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  • Balance North East

    Balance North East have a central source for resources and information on alcohol and its impact. You can search for publications by topics, geographical area or date.

    Click here

  • Be Clear On Cancer

    For a range of information on the signs and symptoms of cancers and the Be Clear on Cancer campaigns

    Click here

  • Books On Prescription

    GPs and mental health professionals can recommend endorsed self-help books to people with mild to moderate mental health conditions.

    Self-help books are work most effectively for conditions which are receptive to book-based self-help CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

    Recommendations can be taken to the local library where the books can be borrowed free of charge.

    Reading Well: Books on Prescription core list - If you would like to access any of these books, get in touch with your GPs and mental health professional (CPN etc...)

    Click here to read further information for GPs and mental health professionals.

  • Breastfeeding Information From Provide

    This website that provides an excellent selection of free downloadable resources on breastfeeding. These useful leaflets cover a range of topics including: Mastitis, Breastfeeding for dads, Breastfeeding at Work and Off to the Best Start.

    Click here 

  • British Association Of Dermatologists

    Access an range of sun awareness information leaflets and posters which are available to download

    Click here

  • British Heart Foundation

    The British Heart Foundation publications give you vital information about living with a heart condition and how to look after your heart health.

    They have put together a list of some of their most popular publications to help you find the right one for your needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, please try their
    publications search or browse their publications for teachers and schools.

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  • Can you get help with NHS Charges?

    Can you get help with the NHS charges of: prescriptions, NHS dental treatment, sight tests, glasses or contact lenses, NHS wigs and fabric supports, travel to receive NHS care?

    This booklet gives guidance about NHS charging and exemption arrangements in England only.

  • Cancer Research Uk

    There is a range of Be Clear on Cancer resources and information to support GP practices, pharmacy teams and local community volunteers - Click here

    Skin cancer resources - Prevention and early detection
    Resources on the prevention of skin cancer and being safe in the sun.  You can order a range of leaflets and posters.  They have a variety of skin cancer and UV resources to order or download. These resources are available free of charge to people with a UK postal address - Click here

    For 'free' SunSmart publications - Click here

  • Child Accident Prevention - Jersey

    This site, although designed for visitors from Jersey, offers some fantastic leaflets that can be downloaded free of charge. They are aimed at both children and their parents/guardians, as well as Safety Sam colouring sheets and Safety Sam safety leaflets (Some are available in Portuguese and Polish too).

    Click here

  • Child Accident Prevention Trust

    This website provides expert safety advice to parent’s, helping them understand the risks, and give their children a safe environment to grow up in. They have a variety of leaflets and flyers, presented in an engaging, colorful style that will appeal to parents or carers, available for a small fee.

    Click here

  • Children and Young People Visiting the GP

    Did you know that children and young people can go and see their doctor without their parent or carer being present? Click here for more information for parents/carers/youngpeople, or click here for more information for GPs.

  • Common Childhood Illness Booklet

    Healthcare professionals in Washington have developed an app aimed at people looking after young children, as well as those about to become parents.  It gives easy-to-understand guidance on common ailments affecting children, as well as advice on when and where to seek further treatment.  The app, which is also available as a 64-page booklet, has been created by the Washington Locality in association with NHS Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

    Download the CCG Common Childhood Illnesses booklet

  • Community Health Resources - South Tyneside

    Books, CDs and teaching packs can be borrowed for four weeks and models, games and DVDs for one week.

    Here is a full list of resources which are available for loan.

    For details or further information contact:

  • Consumer Health Information Centre

    Click here

  • Coping with Exam Stress

    Exams are bound to be stressful due to what is at stake. You may have expectations placed on you from yourself, your family or your school to achieve a certain standard. Click here to find our how to Minimize Exam Stress!

  • Cornwall Mental Health

    This is a Cornwall based website it does feature a huge range of free downloadable leaflets that are intended as a source of information for various subjects surrounding mental health.

    Click here

  • Counselling in Schools: A Blueprint for the Future

    For departmental advice for school leaders and counsellors, please click here.

  • Cutting the Risk

    This book contains information on anatomy, physiology, wound care, dressings and safety. There is information on plastic surgery and scars; there is also a section on the subject of living with our scars. Also included is a section on refusal of treatment.
    Click here to access the document.

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  • Dentalcare.Com

    Leaflets can be downloaded from this site free of charge on a variety of general oral health conditions and topics!

    Click here!

  • Department Of Health Orderline

    Access publications on a range of health topics (to place an order you will need to register first).

    Click here

  • Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

    Diabetes Information Leaflets, Audio leaflets about a range of subjects which can affect people with diabetes.

    Click here



  • Diabetes UK

    Diabetes Information Leaflets and books about a range of subjects which can affect people with diabetes.

    Click here


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  • Easyhealth

    Easyhealth has a range of accessible resources, including downloadable leaflets, videos and a list of useful contacts!

  • Eating Disorders Self-Help Guide

    You may be interested in reading this self-help guide from Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation trust is you want to know about eating disorders or if you want to know what the next steps towards change could be. Click here to download the self-help guide in A4, or click here to access it in different formats.

  • England Illegal Money Lending Resources

    The England Illegal Money Lending Team have the
    following resources - free of charge - to help spread the Stop Loan Sharks message - Click here!

    To report a loan shark call: 0300 555 2222


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  • Five Ways To Wellbeing Z Card

    You can print your own 5 Ways to Wellbeing Z Card.

    Click here

  • Fpa - Talking Sense About Sex

    Find a huge range of contraceptive booklets available to download free in PDF format. This site covers topics such as; sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy, reproduction and general sexual health.

    Click here

  • Fresh - Smokefree North East

    Fresh give millions of people in the North East the information, the motivation and the confidence to stop smoking, or not to start in the first place. They also provide year-round guidance and support to a wide range of NHS and council partners.  Their website contains and area where briefing papers and resources can be accessed, but you will need to register with them to access this area.

    Click here

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  • Get Self Help

    This website has a host of self help hint, tips and resources.

    Click here

  • GPs Advising About Work

    An evidence-based approach for General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals.
    GPs are in a unique position to provide advice about work, which is an important part of clinical management.

    However, it can be a difficult part of the consultation, which may produce feelings of uncertainty and frustration, and leave both doctor and patient unsatisfied.  Click here for more!

  • H
  • Harmless Workbook

    Harmless have developed this workbook in collaboration with service users, therapists and the Institute of Mental Health to provide a tool that can be used to promote recovery and self reflection amongst people that self harm. The workbook provides a series of activities to work through to help the individual to start to reflect upon their way/s of coping, and to begin to manage these differently.

    Click here 

  • Heart Research Uk

    Heart Research UK's Lifestyle team has produced a range of leaflets to help you stay heart smart. They're full of interesting facts, tips and information!

    Click here

  • Help is at Hand - Support after someone may have died by suicide

    Help is at Hand provides information and support after someone may have died by suicide. Click here to download the document which also contains contact numbers and websites which offer additional support.

  • Homeless Link

    Links to key advice around Welfare Aware resources.

    Click here

  • Hopewood Park

    A new hospital in Ryhope, Sunderland providing a range of Mental Health Services, to visit their website please click here or to download a flyer on their services, please click here.

  • How Are You Online Quiz

    The “How Are You?” quiz is a fun, online tool which provides personalised health information to help 40-60 year olds review their lifestyle and encourage them to make some healthy changes.

    Read more about the One You Campaign here!

    Click here to navigate their website.

  • How to access South Tyneside CCAMHS

    Click here to find out how to access Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CCAMHS) provided by South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust

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  • In Our Hands

    Free Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Resources.

    Click here


  • Information on self-harm for GP’s

  • Information on Self-Harm for GPs

    Please click here to access the article from the British Medical Journal, Young people who self-harm by cutting by Jane H Roberts.

  • Lethal Discrimination

    One in three of the 100,000 ‘avoidable deaths’ every year have a mental illness, but this issue is virtually ignored across Government. This report examines how people with mental illness are being let down and lays out recommendations for change.

  • L
  • Life Signs

    Self-harm / self-injury factsheets, leaflets, ebooks, and print-outs.

    Click here

  • M
  • Mental Health Awareness Week Resources

    Online and offline materials for the Mental Health Foundation, to help you celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week!

    Click here

  • Mental Health Foundation

    This website produces a range of publications and information booklets – most of which can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file. Some ask for a small donation.

    Click here! 

  • Guide to Mental Health & Debt

    This is a free booklet supported by Mind, Rethink, CAPUK and others, for people with mental health problems and those caring for them. It covers how to handle debts when unwell, work with banks, free debt counselling, specific tips for bipolar disorder or depression sufferers, whether to declare a condition and more. Click here to download the booklet.

  • N
  • National Council For Palliative Care

    NCPC publishes a wide range of titles which can help you deliver better end of life care.

    They cover a huge range of topics to develop and implement your palliative care strategies, support clinical governance and offer guidance on clinical and ethical issues.

    Click here

  • New Mental Health Act Code of Practice

    The Department of Health has published a revised code of practice for the Mental Health Act 1983. There have been significant changes in legislation, case law, policy and professional practice since the last code was published in 2008. The Code provides statutory guidance to registered medical practitioners, approved clinicians, managers and staff of providers, and approved mental health professionals on how they should carry out functions under the Mental Health Act. It also gives beneficial guidance to the police, ambulance service and the voluntary sector. It is hoped that the Code will also be helpful to patients, their representatives, carers, families, friends, advocates and others who support them. You can download this substantial and significant document here.

  • Nhs Choices

    Access the tools to help to make important health decisions, including how to choose a GP surgery or how to choose a hospital for your treatment. It can also help you make decisions about how to exercise and how you can eat healthily as a family.

    All across NHS Choices there are resources to help you make choices. Take a look around and see for yourself. Here are just a few examples you may find useful.

    NHS resources for Health professionals - Whether you are a health or social care professional, practice manager or responsible for your organisation's communications, NHS Choices should be an essential part of your resource tool kit.

    Click here

  • Nhs Choices YouTube Videos

    NHS Choices have made a varied range of videos which are available from their Youtube Channel.

    Click here 

  • Nhs Health Checks

    Find order information for hard copies of the national NHS Health Check information leaflet in the most popular languages and in a range of alternative formats including Braille, BSL and Easy Read.

    Or download them here!

  • Northumberland, Tyne And Wear Nhs Trust (NTW)

    NTW has some fabulous resources some of which are available in other languages.

    Click here

  • Ntw Nhs Foundation Trust - Info In Bsl

    Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust have a range of  British Sign Language videos which include an introduction to their Services.

    Click here

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  • Panic Attack Personal Story

    A panic attack is an exaggeration of your body’s normal response to fear, stress or excitement. Click here to access the personal story of someone who has dealt with panic attacks.

  • Pharmacy Medicines Information Helpline

    Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust Pharmacy Medicines Information Helpline 0191 2232679.  The line is open from Monday-Friday 9am-4pm offering confidential advice about your medication.
    Questions you may want to ask-

    • Will my medication cause side effects?
    • Can i drink alcohol with my medication?
    • Why am i prescribed this medication?
    • When is the best time of day to take my medication?
    • What should i do if i missed a dose?

    Please have your medicine(s) to hand when you call!

  • Preventing Suicide in England

    A cross-government outcomes strategy to save lives
    This new strategy is intended to reduce the suicide rate and improve support for those affected by suicide. The strategy: sets out key areas for action; states what government departments will do to contribute; and brings together knowledge about groups at higher risk, effective interventions and resources to support local action.  Access the document here!

  • Public Health England

    The Public Health England website has a vast amount of local and worldwide information and publications on a range of health topics.

    Click here

  • R
  • Recognise and Report Elder Abuse

    Elder abuse includes actions intending to harm, the harming without intent, and also the neglect that leads to harm of older people.

    If you’re concerned that you might be at risk, or are worried about a friend, relative or patient, there are ways to help.

    Age UK Factsheet – Safeguarding Older People from Abuse

    Report abuse of an older person:

  • Redundancy Payments Helpline

    Get information and advice on statutory redundancy pay in England, Scotland and Wales.

    Redundancy payments helpline – 0845 145 0004.  Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

  • Relax and Improve your Sense of Wellbeing

    The Mental Health Foundation have free audio podcasts which can help you relax and improve your sense of wellbeing.They’re designed to fit around your lifestyle and provide an introduction to the skills and techniques that can help you live a mentally healthier life.

    To access podcasts on a full range of subjects click here!

  • Rethink Eating Disorders

    If you have an eating disorder, there are serious changes to the way you eat. For example, you may eat far less or overeat. You may be distressed or concerned about your body shape or weight. This Factsheet has information if you have an eating disorder or are worried that you do.

  • Rethink Factsheets

    Rethink Mental Illness have a fabulous catalogue of Mental Health factsheets.

    Click here

  • Right here, right now

    A national report looking at peoples experiences of help, care and support during mental health crisis. This Care Quality Commission report is based on feedback from almost 1,800 people who have experience of a mental health crisis.  Click here to access the report!

  • S
  • Self-Harm Booklet from Mind

    This information booklet from Mind should give readers a greater understanding of self-harm and what they can do to help overcome it.

  • Self-Harm Uk

    A range of materials including:  The Facts, Myths, staying Safe and Resources.

    Click here

  • Sport England

    New Sport England online Resource with regards to improving access to school facilities for the community use which you may find interesting and beneficial.

    Click here

  • Start4life

    Free information and resources for healthcare and childcare professionals.

    A range of  colorful, easy to understand materials can be displayed and distributed to pregnant women, new mums and colleagues. These are ideal for display in reception areas, waiting rooms etc...

    Click here

  • Stoptober 2016 campaign resources

    Stoptober is back for 2016 to encourage smokers across England to make a quit attempt during October.

  • Sunderland Wellbeing And Men's Health Networks

    Please follow the link to find information about these networks which ceased to operate in July 2015.

    Click here 

  • Supporting Carers in General Practice

    Carers provide unpaid support for disabled, sick and vulnerable people who would not be able to manage without their help. This course provides information and guidance for GPs and other community healthcare professionals to enable them to build carer involvement and support into their everyday practice. Course duration: 3 hours.

  • T
  • Taking Action to Support Carers in Practice Teams

    This course is based on the RCGP Supporting Carers in General Practice DVD that was developed in 2012 with funding from the Department of Health. This course will give you the rationale behind increasing awareness and support for carers, whilst also highlighting and signposting areas that can commonly be improved or changed to the benefit of both carer and practice. Course duration: 2 hours.

  • The FiMT Information Sharing Report

    This report from the Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE) is an evaluation of Information Sharing Practice in the North East mixed economy of service provision for ex-services personnel.

    The research was designed to gather a balanced perspective from the views of key stakeholders and observations of the role and processes of information sharing with and between a range of organisations and service users in the day to day co-ordination of services for ex-services personnel in the North East of England. Over 100 organisations were involved in the research process and the research team would like to acknowledge the efforts of those contributing to the survey, interviews and workshops and particularly colleagues at Finchale college for their engagement in the work.

  • The Health Foundation

    If you're working in one of the NHS England Patient Safety Collaboratives, the Health Foundation have tagged all of their resources according to the designated focus areas.

    They have also identified which resources  think are specifically useful to certain professions.

    Click here

  • The Mind guide to seeking help for a mental health problem

    This guide to taking the first steps, making empowered decisions and getting the right support for you. It also includes information about seeking help outside the NHS, and information for friends and family on how to support someone else to seek help.Access it here!

  • The Stroke Association

    For a range of information and downloadable documents...

    Click here

  • Time To Change - Free Resources

    Whether you're running an organisation-wide Time to Change campaign or want a few freebies to put up around your school, youth club or youth centre, you can find some extra supporting materials.

    Please use our step-by-step Campaign Toolkit to guide you through everything you need to know to rally against mental health stigma in your school or youth club.

    Click here

  • Touchbase

    Touchbase is a monthly publication for external organisations and people who work with or advise our customers. It has news about: benefits, pensions and DWP services, relevant news from other government departments and agencies.

    Click here

  • Transgender Resources From The Guardian

    The Guardian have a list of online resources for transgender people and their family and friends.

    Click here 

  • U
  • Understanding Self-Harm Factsheet for Parents/Carers

    Washington Mind, with help from their Young People’s Steering Group, have developed this fact sheet for parents and carers who may be supporting a young person who self harms.

  • Understanding Self-Harm Factsheet for Teachers, Tutors and Lecturers

    Washington Mind, with help from their Young People’s Steering Group, have developed this fact sheet for teachers, tutors and lecturers who may be supporting a young person who self harms.

  • Understanding Self-Harm Factsheets

    Washington Mind, with help from their Young People’s Steering Group, have developed this fact sheet for parents and carers who may be supporting a young person who self harms.

    This fact sheet offers teachers, tutors and lecturers useful information around self harm.

  • Universal Credit Sunderland

    As you will now know Universal Credit went live in Sunderland on 2nd November 2015 – for new single jobseekers only.

    Here are some resources to help you help people with UC claims and issues:

    A small stock of the printed version are available please contact Tracey Czajkowski on 01915618076 or email

  • W
  • Wellbeing Why it matters to health policy

    Health is the top thing people say matters to their wellbeing. Click here to access this Department of Health document.

  • World Cancer Research Fund - Men's Health Guide

    About a third of the most common cancers could be prevented by choosing a healthy diet, being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight, for more information from the World Cancer Research Fund on Men's Health, please click here.