Following on from the incident

We are aware that many people have been affected by the recent Manchester attack. Tragedies such as these can stir up many difficult emotions, such as; anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, confusion, numbness and other difficult emotional reactions.

We may be experiencing upsetting thoughts, flashbacks, loss of appetite, nightmares, difficulty sleeping and low mood. These things are very normal, they are an appropriate response to abnormal events, and are a part of our recovery.

Things that can help us cope:

  • Speak to someone we trust about how we are feeling
  • Accept that we are likely to be upset
  • Share our anxieties and worries
  • Try to return to everyday routines as soon as possible
  • Try to eat and sleep as well as we are able
  • Try to relax and do things that we enjoy.

Remember that it is rare for these events to take place.

Something like this affects people of ALL AGES

Available Support

It is likely that over the next few weeks these feeling will start to fade, however if they do not, or if they start to get worse, it may be beneficial for you to seek additional support though local support services such as:

Young People:

Some young people may need immediate emotional support which can be reached through Childline on: 0800 1111.


Some adults may need immediate emotional support which can be reached through the Samaritans on: 116 123.

If an adult is in need of urgent help, or if they are in a crisis please contact the Sunderland/South Tyneside Crisis Team on 0303 123 1145.