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Physical health, mental health and wellbeing are always linked. Even if we do not have any physical illnesses or diseases, this does not necessarily mean that we are completely healthy, our mental health and wellbeing are also included in our overall health, if one of them is affected, so are the rest. This site hopes to give you access to reputable information and links that can help you deal with issues and have a happy and healthy life.

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Health in South Tyneside

Amanda Healy, Director of Public Health (DPH) South Tyneside Council

Amanda has been a Director of Public Health for just over a year and previously worked across Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland as a consultant in public health. She has worked on reducing health inequalities using an assets approach for several years. Amanda began her career working as a Look After Yourself Tutor working with local communities and is committed to improving health and wellbeing. The public health team cover the three ‘spheres’ of public health: •  Health improvement – healthy lifestyles and the wider influences on people’s lives such as housing , environment education and transport • Health Protection – protection from communicable diseases e.g measles and other environmental hazards and preparing for emergency situations • Health Care Quality – ensuring that health care services are high quality .e.g working with local commissioners on cancer services We work with and through others – recently the Every Contact a Health Improvement Contact Programme has developed over 500 local Council and voluntary sector staff to have ‘healthy conversations’. Public health has a key role in understanding the health challenges and also the positive aspects of health and wellbeing locally and working with other to develop plans e.g Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  We also have a key role in communicating and co-ordinating key health messages and campaigns. Click here to access the Director of Public Health South Tyneside Annual Report 2015

Healthwatch South Tyneside

Healthwatch South Tyneside was previously known as South Tyneside LINk. Healthwatch South Tyneside is now providing a single point of contact to help people find information about Health and Social Care Choices. This will involve: • Providing information on health and local services to enable people to make an informed decision or choice • Listening to concerns and referring to NHS Advocacy as appropriate • Acting as a catalyst for service improvement Members of the public can contact the Freephone number on 0808 8010 3821 (Signposting only) For information, news and updates please see: Web: www.healthwatchsouthtyneside.co.uk   Email: info@healthwatchsouthtyneside.co.uk  Tele:  0191 489 2638

Support for Parkinson’s Sufferers in South

The South Tyneside Branch of Parkinsons UK is now up and running and looking for new members. It meets in Freemason Hall – next to Morrison’s in South Shields, 2-4 on the last Thursday of every month. The contact is Rosemary Eccles 0191 454 2478. Click here to access details for the Parkinson’s UK North East Regional Team

Health in Sunderland

Healthwatch was launched in England on April 1 2013 to give people using health and social care services a powerful voice – both locally and nationally. Healthwatch will build on the work previously carried out by Local Involvement Networks. Healthwatch Sunderland is your consumer champion – they want to hear about your experiences good and bad, issues or problems in using Sunderland NHS and social care services so that together we can influence service providers and commissioners to improve your services. Read more here! Watch this Healthwatch promotional video to find out more.

Sunderland Urgent care centres:

Centres are open 10am to 10pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 10pm, Saturday and Sunday, including Bank Holidays:

  • Washington Primary Care Centre, Parkway, Washington, NE38 7QZ
  • Bunny Hill Primary Care Centre, Downhill, Sunderland, SR5 4BW
  • Houghton Primary Care Centre, Houghton-le-Spring, DH4 5HB
  • Pallion Health Centre, Hylton Road, Sunderland, SR4 7XF

Click here for more information! What can you visit a walk-in centre for? Click here!

The NHS Sunderland CCG (SCCG) are the statutory body responsible for the planning, purchasing and monitoring the delivery and quality of most of the local NHS healthcare and health services for the people of Sunderland. Click here for their 2015-2016 annual report. Visit their website: www.sunderlandccg.nhs.uk

What is the Sunderland Health Care Information Sharing? At the moment, every health organisation holds a different set of records about you. Information in different records may be duplicated or incomplete. Sunderland Health Care Information Sharing is a confidential way of improving the care you receive by, over time, allowing a range of services to share the information held electronically about you in their records. Click here to read more!

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