What is Self-Care Week 2017?

Self-Care Week is an annual campaign which this year will take place between Monday 13th and Sunday 19th November 2017. The campaign aims to spread awareness nationally on what people can do to look after their own health and where they can get support to do this. This year’s theme is engaging and empowering people to look after their own health and the title of Self-Care Week 2017 is ‘Embracing Self-Care for Life’.

What does ‘Self-Care for Life’ mean?

The aim of the campaign isn’t to fully educate you in health and medicine so that you never need attention or advice from a medical professional. The campaign however is focused on spreading key messages so that you know where you need to go when you do need medical help and what you should be doing to improve your own health. By following these key messages, you can then understand better how to be healthy for all of your life and start to make self care a life long habit.

What can wellbeinginfo.org do to support my Self-Care?

Wellbeinginfo.org is a directory of services and information across Sunderland and South Tyneside which aims to help you to look after your own health and wellbeing by signposting you to appropriate support. So if you do want to make self care a part of your everyday life but you’re not sure where to start or where to go then wellbeinginfo.org is a great place for you to start.

We are also currently developing a wellbeinginfo.org app which will allow you to access information quicker and easier and support you to access information so you can improve your own health.

What is going on during Self-Care Week 2017?

Professionals all over the country take part in Self Care Week to help raise the important messages around understanding how to be healthy for life. A lot of organisations in the Sunderland and South Tyneside areas are holding events around the region which you can attend to find out more information on self care, to find out about these events in your area, please click here to visit our ‘Things To Do’ section.

For more information on Self Care week 2017, please click here.