What is Mental Health Awareness Week?

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual campaign coordinated by the Mental Health Foundation, which is coming up from 14th – 20th May 2018, aims to raise awareness of mental health and usually has a targeted theme which changes each year. This year the theme is stress so we are are hoping to raise awareness of stress, how it can affect your mental health and wellbeing, what you can do to look after yourself or where to go if you do need extra support.

What is Happening?

This year we are trying to help raise awareness about stress and metal health through social media and have started a Thunderclap campaign. You may be wondering what Thunderclap is…it is a service that enables people to pledge a tweet or Facebook post in support of a campaign and these posts will all be sent at the same time (ours will be going out at 10am on Monday 14th May 2018), meaning they can achieve the maximum effect. It’s like an online Flashmob, which will help raise awareness!

If you want to help us raise awareness of stress and mental health you can sign up to our Thunderclap campaign here.

What is stress?

A certain amount of stress is useful to us – it keeps us going, providing us with the stamina to get through stressful situations. Prolonged exposure to stress can be bad for both your physical and mental health and sometimes we don’t even realise we’re stressed.

Symptoms of stress can include feeling:

  • Tense
  • Irritable
  • Unable to cope
  • Tearful
  • Unable to sleep
  • Low on energy

Some of the things that can cause us stress (stressors) are; job demands, relationship difficulties, exams, interviews, daily hassles or simply being too busy.  A physical injury or illness can create stress on top of other emotional difficulties.

Click here to find out more information about stress and how to help yourself from Mind.

Getting extra support

Stress can cause mental health problems, and make existing problems worse. For example, if you often struggle to manage feelings of stress, you might develop a mental health problem like anxiety or depression. In instances like these you may feel as though you need extra support to deal with stress and your mental health, scroll down to find out about organisations who can offer this support in local areas.

Choose an area for local support information
Mental Health in South Tyneside

South Tyneside Lifecycle Primary Care Mental Health Service

The Lifecycle Service incorporates the provision of IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) mental health services across the entire age spectrum including the 0-5 Early Years, Children and Adolescent (Tier 2 CAMHS), together with South Tyneside Talking Therapies for adults with mild to moderate mental health difficulties. Click here for more information.

Tyneside and Northumberland Mind

Whether you are experiencing mental health problems or going through a difficult time in your life, we can help. Our aim is to help you live the best life you can, whatever challenges you face. Click here for more information.

Mental Health in Sunderland

Sunderland Counselling Service

Sunderland Counselling Service is a charity that has been established for almost thirty years and provides a range of counselling and support services for people in the City of Sunderland who are suffering from emotional or mental distress. Click here for more information.

Sunderland Mind

We are an advice, support, and counselling service supporting anyone struggling with mental ill health. We deliver mental health training, and several courses. Click here for more information.

Sunderland Psychological Wellbeing Service (IAPT)

Sunderland Psychological Wellbeing Service offers a range of psychological therapies (CBT, IPT, Guided Self-Help) for people who are experiencing common mental health problems including depression and a range of anxiety disorders city wide and including Washington, Houghton-le-Spring and Hetton-le-hole. Click here for more information.

Washington Mind

Washington Mind is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (C.I.O.) offering a range of mental health and wellbeing services and training for the local community throughout Washington, Sunderland and the Coalfields. Click here for more information.

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