Free Memberships for Audiobook Library

Whether it’s discovering a new classic for the first time, relaxing with an old favourite or discussing a great book with a friend, reading can have a huge impact on our lives, mental health and our wellbeing.  But what happens if you struggle to read text due to pain, illness or anxiety?  This is where Listening Books comes in with their Free Audiobooks offer. We are a charity that provides a postal and online audiobook library service to people with an illness, disability, learning difficulty or mental health issue that makes it difficult or impossible to read text, hold a book, or turn its pages.  We are passionate about making books accessible and know that audiobooks can have many benefits, offering all the comfort, relaxation and enjoyment that reading can provide.  As one Listening Books member explains, “Listening Books has made a huge difference to my quality of life.  I can escape to a different world when I listen to a book, and (…) I have discovered many new authors.  If it wasn’t for Listening Books, my life would be much duller.  They’re a great organisation!”

How does it work?

Our audiobooks are available through our website and app to stream online or to download to a portable device like a tablet or smartphone to listen on-the-go!  Our MP3 CDs are delivered directly to your letterbox with no postage costs or late fees.  Our library has 1000s of fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from including new releases, educational titles and bestselling authors, such as Neil Gaiman, James Patterson, JK Rowling and Margaret Atwood, so there’s something for everyone!

Free Membership

We have recently received funding to provide a number of fantastic FREE memberships to individuals living in the North East who would find it difficult to pay our usual membership fees (which range from £20 – £45 per year).  If you or someone you know would benefit from a free membership, please get in touch!

How to Apply

Visit our website to fill in our short application form: Alternatively, contact Jo Cord by email or telephone 020 7407 9417.