Change4Life Summer Training Calendar

First Contact Clinical have new FREE training dates available across the Summer in South Tyneside as a part of the Change4Life Programme, book now before they’re full!

Mental Health Awareness Week in South Tyneside

Organisations across South Tyneside are showing their commitment to help support mental health awareness week as they have made a schedule which contains activities and events which are taking place over every day of the week.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual campaign and this year the theme is stress so we are are hoping to raise awareness of stress, how it can affect your mental health and wellbeing, what you can do to look after yourself or where to go if you do need extra support.

No Smoking Day 2018

No Smoking Day 2018 is due to take place on Wednesday 14th March and is an annual health awareness day which aims to help smokers who want to quit smoking.