Care Home Life – what is it really like?

There are 47 Care Homes in Sunderland – so what is it like to live in them? The Healthwatch Sunderland team have been visiting all 47 residential and care homes currently available to older people across Sunderland so that they can find out what care home life is really like. The complete results have started to be published online to enable members of the public to make more informed choices when considering which care home to move into for themselves or their relatives. Their work is focusing specifically on issues of quality and are asking question such as:

  • What do you think of the food here?
  • Is there enough choice of what you eat and when you eat?
  • What are the staff like?
  • Do the staff have the time to stop and chat with you?
  • Do you get a chance to do any of the things you used to enjoy before you came here?
  • Do you get asked for your feedback about the home?
  • Have you seen a dentist to check your teeth or an optician to check your eyes recently?

What results have been found from the work?

Healthwatch Sunderland have started to publish reports around the work they have been completing online here. So whether you are looking for a care home for yourself, a friend or a relative this information may assist you to make, what can be, a difficult choice.

Can I give my feedback on local Care Homes to Healthwatch Sunderland?

If you live in a care home in Sunderland or know someone who does then Healthwatch Sunderland want to hear about it. To contribute your views and experiences on Care Homes in Sunderland, or further information about this or any other aspect of the work of Healthwatch Sunderland call (0191) 5147145 or email