Christmas is nearly here and we’ve got 7 tips to help you get through it

Christmas is nearly here and it can be a difficult time for some people. We have made 7 tips, based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, to help you cope with the festive period to help you build small actions into your everyday life which can help to make a real difference this Christmas.

1. Drink sensibly

Remember that alcohol is a depressant and drinking excessive amounts can cause low mood, irritability or potentially aggressive behaviour. Also try not to `use’ alcohol but `enjoy’ a glass or two. TAKE NOTICE and be aware of your alcohol intake!

2. Eat healthily

A healthy diet can help to improve mood or overall wellbeing. This can increase energy levels, motivation and banish that sluggish feeling that many of us have over the Christmas period. Also try not to `overeat’ at Christmas.

3. Be active

By doing some gentle activities like walking in the park, strolling on the beach or joining in with Christmas fun and games you can benefit by reducing your anxiety, lifting your mood and improving your self-esteem. KEEP ACTIVE and TAKE NOTICE of your surroundings while you’re out and about.

4. Get involved

CONNECTING other people is showing to be important to improving our physical and mental wellbeing. Why not make contact with someone you haven’t seen for a long time? GIVE them some of your time – take interest in other people and their stories. Talk to someone new – make that CONNECTION. If your feeling down because your not with family or friends, (or because you are) try and make time to GIVE to others… maybe volunteer.

5. Relax

By exercising more regularly and learning to relax more, you can help reduce signs of stress and gain more control when coping with difficult situations. Try listening to relaxing music, a relaxation CD and/ or control your breathing. TAKE NOTICE of how much physical activity you do and the changes to your body as you exercise or relax.

6. Sleep

Try to establish a routine for bedtime. Try not to eat too late at night, don’t read or watch TV in bed, try to listen to your relaxation tape or do your controlled breathing. Drinking less alcohol over the Christmas period and getting a bit more exercise can help you develop a healthier sleep pattern.

7. Challenge yourself

Set yourself an `achievable’ goal that you’d like to undertake over the Christmas period. This must be realistic and something that will challenge you but that wont put you off. It could be that you start to do something that you used to enjoy but that you have stopped doing or something new that you have always wanted to try. Try not to make New Years resolutions that are too difficult to keep. KEEP LEARNING – Maybe try learning a new skill.